American Airlines Tween Fees

    (AP File Photo)
    (AP File Photo)

    Airfare on the world’s largest carrier for your tween son or daughter is going up, if they’re flying without you.

    FOX News Radio’s Eben Brown reports.

    Remember, American Airlines and U.S. Airways merging, and saying the new airline would combine the best policies of both?

    (American Airlines commercial) “Everyone of us is doing our best to build the new American. / The new American. / The new American. / The new American.”

    Well, the new American says it will tack on a fee of a hundred and fifty dollars each way for every child between the ages of twelve and fourteen, who flies unaccompanied.

    That’s something U.S. Air used to do, and they say the fee helps provide security for the tweens flying solo. Airlines have regularly charged such fees for unaccompanied children under eleven.

    Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.