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GM is ready to pay on faulty ignition switch claims, and a car smell test.

FOX News Radio’s Jeff Monosso with our weekly look at things with wheels in “FOX Wheels”:

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The claims process is now underway for those hurt or injured in GM ignition switch crashes.

The company says at least 13 people died. Attorneys for victims and their families say that number is higher and GM-hired compensation attorney Ken Feinberg says the program is open to…

(Feinberg) “Driver, passenger, pedestrian, occupant of another vehicle where the airbag might have deployed.”

But the airbags must not have deployed in the recalled GM vehicle and taking the money means agreeing not to sue GM.


Ford and ScentAir have come up with the top seven aromas for a more enjoyable drive.

There’s mahogany…

(Mazie) “You get a sense of empowerment.”

Dan Mazie with Ford tells FOX News Radio basil may help you unwind on that long road trip and mint perk you up on the morning drive. Vanilla, sandalwood, summer grass and fig are also on the list.

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