(AP Photo/David Goldman)
(AP Photo/David Goldman)

The first of two Americans who have contracted the Ebola virus has been brought to U.S., while the second is due to come home this week.

FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers has more.

Dr. Kent Brantly's wife says he's improving.  She was able to see him on Sunday.

He was working on a medical mission team in Liberia with Nancy Writebol, who also contracted Ebola.

Writebol is expected to be brought back to the U.S. tomorrow , and will also be treated at Emory University Hospital.

Dr. Thomas Frieden is the Director of the CDC, and said on "FOX News Sunday" while some have objected to bringing Ebola cases to the U.S., there's no threat to the American public.

(Frieden) There are 50-million travelers from around the world that come to the U.S. each year. They are essential to our economy, to our families, to our communities. We're not gonna hermetically seal this country.

Emory has one of the nation's most sophisticated infectious disease units.

Tonya J. Powers.  FOX News Radio. 

(AP Photo/Jonathan Paye-Layleh)
(AP Photo/Jonathan Paye-Layleh)

A second case of Ebola in Nigeria now confirmed.  The death toll from the outbreak in West Africa is mounting, along with the panic.

Fox News Radio's Kimberly's Adams reports on efforts to control both.

In Nigeria, officials say the doctor who treated the first victim in that country is now sick himself.

In Liberia, the government now says all people who die of Ebola must be cremated instead of buried.

Angry residents reportedly blocked roads in the capital, Monrovia, protesting bodies being left for days in homes and in the street.

The government is warning citizens not to touch the bodies.  The virus can spread that way.  But, has been unable to keep up with the collection of the dead.

Over the weekend, Liberian military police had to intervene with locals on behalf of health workers who were trying to bury 20 Ebola victims outside the capital.

This outbreak has killed more than 700 people in four West African countries.

Kimberly Adams, Fox News Radio.