(AP Photo/Bert Brandt, File)
(AP Photo/Bert Brandt, File)

As we remember 70 years since D-Day, we look back at the historical events that unfolded as allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy.

Barack Obama

Friday, ceremonies were held in France to mark 70 years since the D-Day invasion.

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For a unique perspective, we bring you an interview with Elizabeth Lillingston. At the time of D-Day, she had just turned 18 years-old and was a member of Britain’s Women’s Royal Naval Service or WREN. She worked as an ambulance driver based at Calshot, a village on the south coast of England close to Southampton.

(Photo of Elizabeth Lillingston / Courtesy of Simon Owen)
(Photo of Elizabeth Lillingston / Courtesy of Simon Owen)

FOX News Radio’s Simon Owen brings us Elizabeth’s D-Day memories in this interview. Elizabeth also happens to be Simon’s grandmother.

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View a D-Day PHOTO gallery below. Photos courtesy: The Associated Press