HOUR 1 Injured veteran and WWP Alumni NORBIE LARA & BRIAN UFFUTT, Senior Director at Under Armour, talk about what the company does to help our wounded veterans and how they became a part of Wounded Warriors Project. Norbie explained how WWP literally saved his life after his injuries and gave him a purpose.

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"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY dropped by and talked about NYC Mayor de Blasio ending NYC's ban of ferrets, Brian's many bromances, Rocky on Broadway and more.

HOUR 2 "Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE talked about President Obama's speech at West Point, both political parties taking aim at the V.A. scandal and General Shinseki's leadership plus the chances that Edward Snowden returns to the United States.

Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped by and talked about the GDP numbers coming out and showing that the country's economy shrunk and how President Obama is trying to kill the coal industry. Brian and Stuart also talked about the New York Times piece that talked about how President Obama missed an opportunity to talk about foreign policy during his West Point speech.

HOUR 3 "Rocky on Broadway" producer SYLVESTER STALLONE and star ANDY KARL talked to Brian about the difficulties in making the Academy Award winning movie into a Broadway musical.

Lt. Colonel RAY "FRENCHY" L'HEUREUX (Retired) author of "Inside Marine One" talking about being the lead pilot of the world's most amazing helicopter and what it was like to fly 4 presidents and all their special guests.

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