HOUR 1 Brian battled over Benghazi and the select committee with ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee Congressman ADAM SMITH (D-WA). Rep. Smith told Brian that he wasn't sure if the Democrats should participate because he is highly skeptical of how Rep. Issa has conducted the investigations.

"Fox and Friends First" co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT dropped by and talked about personal interest stories like the new study that shows nagging does kill men faster and the couple suing a vet for telling them their dog had to be put to sleep but then used it in a lab as a test animal.

"Duck Dynasty" star JASE ROBERTSON called in to talk about his new book "Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family & Fowl" and how he and his family are dealing with the trappings of fame.

HOUR 2 Personal finance expert and author of When She Makes More FARNOOSH TORABI talked about how and why married couples struggle when the woman makes more than her husband.

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HOUR 3 Sports journalist and New York Daily News columnist GARY MYERS weighed in on the 2014 NFL draft and the shock of Johnny Manziel dropping to the 22nd pick.'s KEVIN MCCARTHY checked in to talk about the weekends big movies.