Col Allen West, author of “Guardian of the Republic”, joined Brian IN STUDIO and weighed in on our current standing around the world.  West talked about how Iran and Russia’s actions demonstrate how they view President Obama and that he is sending a message of surrender. 


The Orlando Magic’s Pat Williams called into Kilmeade and Friends to offer up his expert take on the NCAA Final Four and to discuss his new book “Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret: The Power of a Lot of Little Things Done Well”!

Hour 2

Matt Kibbe, President & CEO of Freedomworks and author of “Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff”, sat down with Brian in the Kilmeade and Friends studio and talked about the rules of liberty.  Plus, Kibbe explained how the band RUSH got him to start reading and paying attention to ideas.


FOX’s Jennifer Griffin joined Brian for her weekly hit and discussed the interesting back story about President Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia.  Griffin explained that people may not realize how angry the Saudi’s are because the US has been so weak and been sending such weak signals in the Syrian conflict. 


Legendary Hall of Fame baseball player Cal Ripken joined Brian to talk about teaming up with Kelloggs on a new program called “Never Miss a Game”.  Ripken also gave his thoughts on future hall of famer Derek Jeter’s final season. Ripken said, “I expect him to compete and play….people will have a chance to celebrate his career the way it should be.”  Ripken added Jeter has a chance to say goodbye on his own terms and bring closure. When asked if he thinks Miguel Cabrera’s new contract paying him $30 million a year hurts the game, Ripken said doesn’t think it hurts the game, “They have been saying those things even in my time….in the end they are the best players in the world.”


FNC’s James Rosen called in from Hanover, Maryland where he is covering MD’s overhaul of its health care exchange because it has caused many problems since its Oct 1 launch.  Rosen and Brian also spoke about the latest on Russia and Ukraine. Rosen added that the scariest thing about the situation is how Putin seems to be controlling the flow of events.


Gretchen Carlson, host of The Real Story, stopped by the studio to talk about everything from Chris Christie and Obamacare, to NYC Mayor DeBlasio being booed when he threw out the opening pitch at Citi Field for the NY Mets. Plus, Gretchen let the listeners in on Brian’s #1 pet peeve—people chewing gum in front of him!