(Courtesy: KDVR.com)
(Courtesy: KDVR.com)

A victory for the Colorado girl who shaved her head to support a friend with cancer.  Her elementary school has decided to reverse the decision to suspend her for violating the academy's dress code.

Brenda Stuart with FOX News Radio affiliate KOA in Denver reports:

The Caprock Academy in Grand Junction must've decided bald is beautiful after all. The school board is reversing its decision and allowing Kamryn Renfro to return to class.

Kamryn and her mom say it all started when they decided to help a friend suffering with cancer.

(Kamryn) "The medicine that she was taking that made her hair fall out, so I decided to shave my head."

(Jamie) "We knew that, you know, we would suffer a little bit from the school just as far as trying to get it changed and things like that. I had no idea it was going to spiral out of control like it had."

Jamie Renfro says her daughter will take another day off of school to travel to Denver with her playmate today while her friend undergoes another round of chemotherapy.

In Denver, Brenda Stuart, FOX News Radio.