Principal at The Chertoff Group and former Director of the NSA and CIA General MICHAEL HAYDEN was on to talk about the supposed changes in metadata collection and explained that although the government will not hold the data, they will actually have more access than ever. The one trade off with the President's new guidelines will be that there will be a broader collection of data, but will be kept for a lesser period of time. On giving up the internet, General Hayden believes that we knew the United States was at some point going to give up stewardship of the internet but giving it over to a U.N. body can have serious repercussions if countries that want to limit the internet are given any power.

Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) weighed in on Ukraine and the coming of a second cold war.  Col. West said that Putin wants to rebuild the old Soviet Empire and by appeasing him we are making the same mistakes the world made in the 1930's.


FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed the Ukrainian aid package and how the GOP made sure the Democrats didn't add an I.M.F. provision giving them more autonomy with our money. Mike will be covering the IRS hearing today and the new commissioner will be on the hot seat and will be grilled about getting all of the e-mails from IRS superiors that they have been dragging their feet on providing. He also explained that from now until the end of the year not much will be done except trying to make the other side look bad on core issues before the mid-term elections.

Fox News Terror analyst and "Lost Spring" author WALID PHARES talked about how President Obama messed up both the Arab Spring and the Iranians revolting.  If we had helped in either situation we could have cut terror problems significantly. Walid explained how those were the big 2 but that we blew it in about 5 different countries.  Walid also spoke about how Al Qaeda is leaving Pakistan for safer havens like Syria.


Actor and former Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (R-CA) talked to Brian about "Sabotage", his new movie about drug cartels.  He talked about what he is doing politically now that he is no longer governor.  The governor talked about fracking, state pensions, and how and why all the parties have to get together to move the nation forward.



America's Newsroom co-host MARTHA MACCALLUM discussed the latest on the missing Malaysian plane and how 122 pieces of debris has been located and think it may be the plane.  They also talked about the pilot's state of mind and a friend saying that he should not have been flying. On the NSA and metadata do we actually do a good job with all the information and if the program is helping us.