Sinkhole corvette
(AP Photo/National Corvette Museum, HO)

More than a half dozen Corvettes have been sucked into the earth in Kentucky.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports:

National Corvette Museum boss Wendell Strode tells FOX News Radio that eight corvettes in the Sky Dome section of his building - are now piled-up in a big sinkhole.

It happened before the Bowling Green, Kentucky museum opened for business -- so no injuries.

The hole is 40-feet wide and some 30-feet deep with 'vettes from the 60's up to 2009 trashed...

(Strode) "Six of those vehicles was owned by the museum and two of them were owned by General Motors."

The Sky Dome section of the museum is closed but Strode says - about the rest of the place...

(Strode) "We are open and we will continue to assess what needs to be done and do it... And... Be stronger than ever."

The museum sits on an area containing many of Kentucky's longest caves.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.