Lt. Colonel (Ret.) and former Florida Congressman (R) ALLEN WEST responded to Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) saying he was being attacked by the black community for being a black conservative.  He also weighed in on Afghanistan releasing dangerous prisoners and how it seems that Speaker Boehner is losing his influence over House GOP members.


FOX Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL explained why some House Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling.  Mike weighed in on immigration reform, Obmacare and the mid-term elections.

ALLISON PATAKI, author of The Traitor’s Wife the story of Benedict Arnold’s wife, Peggy, was an intricate part in turning him into a spy.  Allison explained how his wife was a loyalist to the British crown and how Arnold depleted the forces at West Point to make it easier for the British to overtake.


America’s Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM dropped by and talked about the ninth snowstorm to hit the north east this year and how Atlanta will handle their second storm of the year.  They also talked about Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) saying people want income opportunity and not income equality and also touched on the Clinton’s ‘enemies list’.