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(AP Photo)

Wrestling fans are getting their very own network, but don't look for it on cable.

FOX Business Network's Dennis Kneale explains:

Is cable TV gettin' body slammed? Pro Wrestling's WWE is launching its own new network-- but it's sidestepping cable entirely to set up directly on the internet. The WWE Network launches on February 24th, offering pay-per-view events and original shows that, until now, had been accessible only via local cable systems. The new net will be available on android, Apple, Kindle, Playstation and Xbox. A new website will live-stream all 12 pay-per-view matches already set for cable this year, including the aptly named "Wrestlemania".

In New York, Dennis Kneale, FOX News Radio.

Editor's note: The service will be subscription-based and cost $9.99 per month with a six-month subscription. The WWE's pay-per-view events are included in this price.

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