Col. David Hunt’s reaction to Gates’ book—He is going to sell a lot of books!  One of Hunt’s major frustrations is that there are kids that can barely shave calling Generals and passing out policy!  Hunt went onto say his bottom line is that these kind of things would have been great 2 years ago before an election.   Finally, Hunt predicted the Gates’ headlines will go away within two weeks because it isn’t going to change much. 


FOX’s STEVE DOOCY & Brian continued the discussion on the two Gates headlines—Bob Gates’ upcoming book and Chris Christie’s bridgegate—with the Kilmeade and Friends’ callers. 



FOX’s JOHN ROBERTS, who is filling in for Chris Wallace this weekend on FOX NEWS SUNDAY, joined Brian and offered up his anchorman perspective on bridgegate & the Gates book!


BOB INGLE, Senior Political Columnist for Gannett NJ Newspapers & author of Chris Christie: The Inside Story of His Rise To Power, joined Brian and said that there was nobody more surprised than he was to hear people within the Christie Administration had a hand in bridgegate!  Ingle then previewed what we should expect to hear from Gov. Christie’s presser at 11 AM. 


ALISON LEVINE, author of ON THE EDGE: THE ART OF HIGH IMPACT LEADERSHIP, offered up her expert opinion on Gov. Christie’s leadership style.  Alison advised that Christie should apologize and that he needs to convince people he will get to the bottom of this.  She explained that as a leader you have to set the tone that you won’t accept anything unethical.  Even if you are not directly involved, it is your team, and you, as a leader, are responsible. 


Talk about a Comparison! ~ Listen to how RNC Chairman REINCE PRIEBUS connected the revelations in the Bob Gates book on Hillary Clinton to Chris Christie’s bridgegate presser!   

“She never had the courage to actually come out and level with the American people and answer questions under oath about what happened.  Going back to Chris Christie…at least he is standing there answering questions on every little detain about every little email and what happened…Hillary Clinton has never done about Benghazi!”  

After weighing in on Gov. Christie’s ongoing press conference, the WSJ’s Gregory Zuckerman talked about fracking and his new book, The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the new Billionaire Wildcatters.