Barack Obama

President Obama's latest plan to turn around the economy in places hardest hit by the recession is earning some praise from Republicans.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern reports from the White House:

Making good on a State of the Union proposal, President Obama has named five communities that are now "Promise Zones", receiving tax incentives and federal grants to spur economic recovery.

(President Obama) "I genuinely believe that this is not a partisan issue."

The first batch of zones are in San Antonio, Philadelphia, LA, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and southeastern Kentucky.

(Paul) "The good news is the sentiment. And I think his motives are in the right place."

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul attending the ceremony here, but he has a similar proposal of his own, that he argues goes further.

At the White House, Jared Halpern, FOX News Radio.