Congress Health Care Confusion

It turns out Obamacare open enrollment will be delayed after all -- but not this year.

FOX News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz explains from the White House:

It won't delay or extend this year's open enrollment but the administration now says it will delay by a month next year's enrollment. They say that will allow insurance companies to better evaluate their first year experience before they set the 2015 rates. But Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso sees next year's mid-term elections as a more likely reason.

(Barrasso) "They've moved the date from a couple of weeks before the election until a couple of weeks after the election."

Dr. Barrasso says that will keep Americans from seeing the rates until after the election. 

Meantime, California has rejected President Obama's offer to let policies being cancelled due to Obamacare be renewed for one additional year.

At the White House, Mike Majchrowitz, FOX News Radio.