There’s a group helping returning soldiers dealing with post-war trauma by linking them up with rescue dogs.

FOX’s Molly Henneberg reports from Washington DC:

Army soldier, David Moore, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was paired with Wilco the dog. Moore says, when his mind goes back to the trauma of war, Wilco helps him get through it.

Moore: “I felt alone. And then I looked at Wilco and everything was alright. He just happened to be the dog in the truck. My dog– and I was not alone.”


Many of the dogs from rescue shelters are days away from being euthanized. K9s For Warriors comes in and sees if these dogs can be trained to help returning war soldiers with PTSD. These soldiers often have a difficult time just leaving their homes and coming in contact with strangers. The dogs are trained to block people in front of the warriors and alert them if anyone is coming up behind them.

In Washington, Molly Henneberg, FOX News Radio.

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