One high school football team in Utah isn't allowed to practice for a big game this week. The entire team benched by the coach over their behavior.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

Instead of breaking tackles, they're working on building character.

Player "I think we deserve every little bit of it."

Varsity football players from Union High in Roosevelt, Utah doing community service and studying, when they'd normally be on the field prepping for Friday's homecoming game. Coach Matt Labrum suspending the team from practice, after complaints of disrespect, poor grades and bullying.

Labrum: "I think sometimes we lose that fact that, you know in this world of me, me, me-- we're representing the whole school, the whole community."

Roll: "I saw it go on."

Team Captain Zach Roll says he wasn't part of the bad behavior:

Roll: "I'm just at much at fault for not making it stop."

And, he's taking character ed training to heart:

Roll: "Being a great person is really what all of this amounts to when you get older."

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: The coach plans to let the Cougars play in Friday night's homecoming game.

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