APTOPIX Kenya Mall Attack

Update:  Kenya's President says the Al-Shabaab militants have been defeated. Soldiers who have been inside the mall, terrorized since Saturday say the scene is still being inspected to make sure there is no longer a threat.

Militants still claim to be holding hostages in a Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports:

Kenya Mall Attack

There are conflicting reports about what's happening in that shopping mall -- the Kenyan authorities say they are wrapping up operations while Islamic militants from the al Qaeda linked group al Shabab claim they're still holding hostages inside. A security expert with contacts inside the mall says there are at least 10 people being held by a band of attackers from all over the world. Kenyan authorities say they've arrested 10 suspects and killed three of attackers. It's feared that more bodies will be uncovered from the mall, right now 62 people are known to have died.

Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

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