(Courtesy: myFOXdfw)
(Courtesy: myFOXdfw)

A football player at a Texas high school is doubling up as a cheerleader too.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony has the story:

At 335 pounds, Armand Fernandez-Pierre is a monster of a player:

(Armand) "I love being able to be brutal."

But he's an even bigger cheerleader:

(Armand) "1, 2, 3, 4..."

The nose tackle changes uniforms at halftime:

(Sanders) "My career I've never heard of anything or seen anything like this,"

Episcopal School of Dallas football Coach Clayton Sanders met him in the cafeteria:

(Sanders) "Shook his hand and he liked to crush my hand, I said this kid's gotta play football."

Armand was reluctant at first to play his senior year:

(Armand) "The deal was that he and my cheer coach would have to figure a way that I would be able to play both sports."

And while Armand loves to cheer, Coach Sanders says:

(Sanders) "Football, there's a lot more opportunities."

And after just his first game, Armand already heard from big time college football schools like UCLA and Miami.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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