Google has recently stated that users of its Gmail account should not expect privacy and that all your emails will be subject to a so called "automated processing", whatever that means.

Actually their excuse is that they read your emails to try and figure out what ads they can send you based on your content of the email.

It doesn't matter what Google says, this is just surveillance in another form.

My understanding is that if I use a password for anything, then that fully implies that I want my privacy respected. Otherwise whats the point of having a password?

So, I guess if I email my son that he can't watch adult movies, will I suddenly get a bunch of ads from porn sites and maybe will he get them too? I would hate to think what ads I would get if I emailed my doctor telling him that I am suffering from flatulence!

Isn't it odd that the more we live in a freer society the more watched we are becoming. I mean this looks like the beginning of George Orwell's book 1984 with Google playing the part of Big Brother.

Personally, I don't need Google. My wife says she knows everything!

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