Israeli officials are concerned that a failure to act on Syria's chemical weapons use sends a message to Iran that it can continue with its nuclear weapons program.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither has the story from Jerusalem:

Officials here in Israel warn that if the international community doesn't act against Syria, it shows Iran that the U.S. doesn't respond when its red lines are crossed. Israel's Prime Minister says Syria has become Iran's testing ground:

Netanyahu: "Iran is watching. And it wants to see what would be the reaction on the use of chemical weapons."

Meanwhile, Israel's President is calling on the U.N. to appoint the Arab League to set up a temporary government in Syria, saying that foreigners won't understand what's going on there. (street sounds) For people living here, many rushed out to their local malls and post offices to pick up gas masks, worried that they might become a target.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, Fox News Radio.

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