We're still three years away from the next presidential election. But the Republican party is in the middle of some serious soul-searching... and maybe a bit of reinvention.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson begins our series "The New Look Republican Party":

Five years ago... And nine months ago:

(McCain) "I had the honor of calling Senator Barack Obama to congratulate him... please."

(Romney) "I have just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory."

John McCain and Mitt Romney conceded the Presidential elections. Since then, Republicans have been trying to figure out why.

(LA Governor Bobby Jindal) "We've gotta stop being the stupid party."

(Veteran Crisis Manager Kent Jarrell) "They have too many voices talking... Saying too many different things."

(FL Congressman Trey Radel) "We just need to be true to who we are, and communicate who we are."

So... Can the Republican party reboot? Party Chairman Reince Priebus says the process is well underway.

(Preibus) "We're building out. We've got hundreds of people out there. We've got a demographics focus on Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians."

And University of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato says, for Republicans it must happen.

(Sabato) "If you do not adapt to changing times and changing circumstances and changing demographics, then essentially, you're going to be a permanent minority party."

Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.