The Syfy channel's epic TV movie "Sharknado" made a big splash on social media.

FOX News Radio Entertainment Correspondent, Sabrina Sabbagh has the story:


Promotional poster for "Sharknado."(Sharknado / Syfy / July 11, 2013)
Promotional poster for "Sharknado."(Sharknado / Syfy / July 11, 2013)

(movie clip) The film about sharks raining down on Los Angeles topped the social trending charts. "Sharknado" was Thursday night's most-tweeted TV program in primetime.

(movie clip) The sci-fi film generated more than 386,000 social interactions to take the Number one spot among TV programs. At its peak, hashtag-friendly "Sharknado" captured 5,000 tweets per minute.

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio

Watch the official trailer for "Sharknado" below:

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Here's some tweets from celebrities talking about the film: