FOX On Tech: New Nokia Phone

TEC Nokia Camera Phone

Can a camera help a struggling mobile phone manufacturer make a comeback?

FOX News Radio’s Jane Metzler reports:

FOX on Tech

Betting on a better camera.

Elop: “You’ll see things with this device, that you’ve never seen before.”

Stephen Elop, CEO of Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, hoping the company will see an increase in sales with its new smartphone, which comes with a 41 megapixel camera. The latest Apple and Samsung phones feature eight and 16 megapixels.

Elop: “The Nokia 1020 will change how you shoot, how you create and how you share pictures forever.”

Critics love the $300 dollar phone’s camera. Their concern? The latest Windows phone offers a fifth of the apps available on rivals.

Jane Metzler, FOX News Radio.