AP photo: BAE Systems
AP photo: BAE Systems

A UN human rights expert is calling for a moratorium on the production and use of lethal autonomous robots or so-called 'killer robots'.

FOX News Radio's Kate Alexander reports from Geneva, Switzerland:

Unlike drones, Killer Robots operate without a human handler. They can kill people without any human input. UN expert Christof Heyns, says this raises all kinds of moral and ethical questions.

Heyns: "I draw particular attention to the fact that the deployment may be unacceptable because no adequate system of legal accountability can be devised."

Heyns says robots shouldn't have the power of life and death over human beings. These weapons are in use by the United States, Israel, South Korea and the United Kingdom. China and Russia are believed to be developing them.

In Geneva, Kate Alexander, FOX News Radio.

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