The latest list of most-popular baby names is out.

FOX News Radio's Pat O'Neill tells us what names take the top spots for boys and girls:

It's been the most popular name for boys for fourteen straight years: Jacob. For girls, it's Sophia for the second year in a row. Experts say biblical names like Jacob are always in style. Plus, it's easy to say and sounds manly. Mason, Ethan, Noah and William are next. After Sophia, it's Emma, Isabella, Olivia and Ava for girls. Among boys names rising in popularity:

YouTube clip: "Maverick is the name."

Along with Armani and King. Rising girls' names include one of the characters in the TV show "Game Of Thrones":

YouTube clip: "It's Arya"

If you'd like some help naming a child, the Social Security Administration's website lists the top 1,000 names going back to 1880.

Pat O'Neill, FOX News Radio.

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