Vipp’s World of Nonsense: Bang! Bang!

This just in – One second grader was suspended from Driver Elementary School in Suffolk Virginia. His crime was that he was pretending to be a marine and used a pencil as a gun and made gun noises.

Now some of us have been boys many years ago and this is what little boys do or have we forgotten those days?

The school claims that it has a ‘no-tolerance’ policy when it comes to any form of violence even if it is play acting.

The child has a record of good grades and when he was asked to stop his behavior, he willingly obliged. Nevertheless, the school suspended him for 2 days.

This is where I feel that we are slowly creeping into a world of nonsense and overreacting to situations. I mean the little boy was just being a little boy – do we really need to suspend the kid for playing around? Does the punishment justify the act?

How crazy can we become when we fail to use common sense?

Issues like this raise more questions than answers.

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