Spain Financial Crisis

It's May Day, and in Europe they're marking it with strikes and protests against austerity.

FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports from London:

Greece Financial Crisis

In Greece, where unemployment is at 27%, they're marching on Parliament.

Greek lawmakers have implemented a wide-reaching program of spending cuts in return for bail-out cash which is keeping the country's economy afloat.


But this Union leader says it's an unfair policy.

Greece Financial Crisis

There's a general strike in Greece today and that's hitting transport networks, schools, banks, and also tourist sights:

(Visitor) "Frustrated, very frustrated, even a little bit angry."

She's visiting from the U.S. and was hoping to see the ancient Acropolis, which is closed.

Spain Financial Crisis

There have been similar protests in Spain.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

APTOPIX Bangladesh Building Collapse

Workers around the world are demonstrating, wanting better pay and conditions.The protests are even louder in Bangladesh where thousands of people are on the streets of the capital calling for justice after a clothing factory collapsed killing over 400 people.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither has details:

APTOPIX Bangladesh Building Collapse

Mainly factory employees took to the streets of Dhaka for the May Day rally. They are demanding rights for women workers and an end to unsafe conditions. Labor leader Amirul Hoq says it's a sad day for workers across the country: 

(Hoq) "We are actually celebrating this May Day with sorrow."

The factory that collapsed was built illegally on a swamp and the owner didn't evacuate workers despite being ordered to by police.

Bangladesh relies on textiles for about 80% of its exports, but the industry is often plagued by accidents.

The EU is considering trade action in order to put pressure on the government to improve safety standards.

Emily Wither, Fox News Radio