Britain Beer

The latest austerity measure to hit Europe is one many people won't mind: they're looking to make beer cheaper.

FOX News Radio's Simon Owen has details from London:

Here in the U.K., the government is in the middle of a large-scale program of spending cuts, an attempt to reduce Britain's debts.  But now the British Finance Minister revealing one cut drinkers here can cheer.

(Osborne) "We're gonna cut beer duty by one pence."

George Osborne delivering his budget for the next year in London's Parliament and revealing a tax cut on beer worth around $.02 per pint.

(Osborne) "We're taking a penny off the pint!"

The move is intended to help the U.K's struggling pub industry, but the cut doesn't affect wine or spirits.  Critics say that's unfair.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.