Germany Wall Hasselhoff

American television and movie star, David Hasselhoff, is campaigning to preserve a section of the Berlin Wall.

FOX News Radio's Don Mathisen has details:

David Hasselhoff

(Crowd) "I've been looking for freedom..."

There was a sing-along of David Hasselhoff's song "Looking for Freedom" as the actor joined Berliners in protesting plans to move a section of the Berlin Wall.

A real estate developer wants the Wall out of the way so he can build an access path to a luxury housing project.

David Hasselhoff

Hasselhoff, who's best known as a star of "Baywatch" says it's like tearing down an Indian burial ground.

Most of the Berlin Wall has been destroyed. Only two large sections remain as memorials.

Don Mathisen, FOX News Radio.

WATCH David Hasselhoff protesting at the Berlin Wall:

WATCH David Hasselhoff at the Berlin Wall in 1989:

Here's a tweet from Hasselhoff about the event: