Zombie Popularity

Zombies are incredibly popular these days... But it might not be a coincidence. According to new research, the zombie fad peaks with cultural discontent.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh reports:

("The Walking Dead")

"The Walking Dead" on AMC is enjoying record breaking ratings, as viewers seem more interested than ever in zombies. Clemson University Professor Sarah Juliet Lauro has been studying the phenomenon of zombie popularity and says people are more interested in zombies at times when as a culture we feel disempowered.

(Lauro) "The zombie is a more convenient metaphor for the way that they are feeling, powerless within the system."

Dr. Lauro says there is a direct connection between zombie culture and capitalism and the economy.

(Lauro) "You see it rise in popularity when you have a large number of people who are unemployed."

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.