Superstorm Real Estate

FEMA flood map revisions could make the recovery process even more difficult for some victims of Superstorm Sandy.

FOX's Rick Leventhal reports from Toms River, NJ:

Many victims of Hurricane Sandy now face a new dilemma. FEMA flood maps are being redrawn, including many homes not previously in flood zones. And with federal insurance subsidies expiring this year, rates could skyrocket tens of thousands of dollars for people at lowest elevations and closest to the coast, forcing some to put their homes on stilts or tear them down and start all over again. Which is what Debbie Clay did, her house flattened by a demolition crew.

(Clay) "It's sad because we have had a lot of good times here and my husband and I worked hard to, you know, buy the house and make it the way it is."

In Tom's River, New Jersey, Rick Leventhal, FOX News Radio.

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