Valerie Harper

Longtime TV actress Valerie Harper, who got her start on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh reports:

("Rhoda") "Rhoda you're too fat. Now it's Rhoda you're too thin."

Valerie Harper played Rhoda on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and its spin-off  "Rhoda", making her one of television's most loved characters during the 1970's.

But the actress, now 73, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Harper telling People Magazine, she doesn't think of dying, even though doctors have said she has as little as three months to live. She got the news on January 15th, but said she only thinks about being here, now.

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.

WATCH an opening credit sequence from Valerie Harper's show "Rhonda":