Immigration Protest

A report of an immigration reform bill possibly coming from the White House has put the issue back in the spotlight on the Sunday morning talk shows.

FOX News Radio's Paul Stevens has more:

USA Today reporting the White House draft creates a visa for illegal immigrants and an eight-year path to citizenship.  White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDouough:

(McDonough) "We have no proposed anything to Capitol Hill yet.  We've got a bill.  We're doing exactly what the President said we would do last month in Las Vegas, which is we're preparing, we're gonna be ready."

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan sees things differently.

(Rep. Ryan) "The President, on most of these issues - and this one now, like the others - seems to be looking for a partisan advantage and not bringing the parties together."

Both McDonough and Ryan appearing on ABC's "This Week."  Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio saying the proposed White House plan would be "dead on arrival."

Paul Stevens, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on immigration from Sen. Jeff Sessions:

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