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It's a crime that hits a little deeper: Some thieves in Florida may have stolen a little girl's heart...literally.

FOX News Radio's Steve Knight has the story:

Thieves in Orlando stole $3,000 that was to be used to help pay for a heart transplant for Brooke Anderson's infant daughter, Jaelyn.

(Brooke Anderson) "I hope they have consideration give it back."

The money was raised in South Florida by coworkers of her husband, Joshua.  Grandfather Roger Anderson explains what happened next

(Roger Anderson) "When they got to Orlando, they stopped to eat.  They put everything in the truck, locked it up and when they were eating, they broke in the truck, took all their luggage."

Little Jaelyn has waited four months for a transplant.  She's still waiting, and her family is hoping the thieves might have a conscience.

Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.

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