Need a game plan for your Super Bowl party that doesn't include chicken wings? Think chili.

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo gives us the dish:

Of course the buffalo wing is a much loved Super Bowl munchie. But you may win guests over with the 'do it yourself' chili bar featuring an array of toppings.

Leite: "Grated cheese, chopped tomatoes, chopped red or white onions or scallions, sour cream, avocado, hot sauce, salsa. Whatever really works for you."

Author David Leite says most people put chili in a bowl:

Leite: "But why not tortillas, or a baked potato; oven roasted fries. We have a recipe coming up for tater tots and they're very easy to make" also has details for rib sticking chili made with stew meat, ground beef, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, beans and spices, as well as vegetarian versions.

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio