Midland City Hostage Crisis

A hostage situation in Alabama is in its third day with a gunman holed up in what is described to be a underground bunker with a child he kidnapped from a school bus.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports:

There is still only speculation as to why Jimmy Lee Dykes shot a school bus driver to death in order to kidnap a child in the tiny town of Midland City, Alabama near Dothan, only to retreat to an underground bunker with the child. The townspeople are getting a bit frustrated says Mayor Virgil Skipper.

(Skipper) "The kid does have some special needs and he's six-years-old. And he doesn't know whats going on. We know that he's crying for his mother."

Police say Dykes isn't any closer to surrendering, and that he has food and supplies to last him days.

Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.