With the spotlight on New Orleans this weekend for the Super Bowl, there are still nearby neighborhoods recovering from the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter reports on his visit to the lower 9th ward:

It's not even 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans and the heart of the Super Bowl celebration to here in the lower 9th ward, seven and a half years after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and still has mostly the look of a ghost town. But amid the tall grass and vacant lots and broken down abandoned homes and businesses, there are signs of hope. New houses, repaired houses, even a new elementary school. But one woman told me services are still hard to come by. The nearest grocery store, 30 blocks from her. And at a convenience store a loaf of bread is $3.00, a gallon of milk is six.

In New Orleans, Ron Flatter FOX News Radio.