Securing America: Americans Killed in Algeria

The family of one of three Americans killed in a terrorist siege of an Algerian natural gas plant is speaking out.

FOX News Radio's Kirstin McNary reports in our ongoing series on national security:

Audio clip:

Securing America.

(Lovelady) "I'm daddy's little girl."

Erin Lovelady's father, 57-year-old Victor Lovelady of Texas, had been working in Algeria for just 10 days when militants attacked a BP natural gas plant.

(Lovelady) "We asked him all the time, 'Do you feel safe?  If you feel safe, go in.  If you don't feel safe, you don't have to go.'  And he goes, 'Oh, I feel so...nothing's happened there in so long.'"

Lovelady was one of three Americans killed.

(Lovelady) "We talked about vacation this summer because we had planned to go on a trip with our family.  And that's, that's why he did this.  He wanted us to have all the good things and he wanted to spend time with my mom."

Kirstin McNary, FOX News Radio.