Shooting Wounds At Least 3 at TX College

    Four people were hospitalized after yet another shooting at a school, this time at a community college north of Houston, Texas.  Authorities say the incident began as a situation between two students that escalated into gunfire, leaving a maintenance man wounded and sending a female student with a medical condition to the hospital, as well.

    FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports:

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    It was a normal day at Lone Star College in Houston until shots were fired just before 1pm Central Time on the so-called "gun free" campus.

    (Students) "They was coming from around the corner, like in the middle of the yard like right by the lobby area, and there was about five of them." // "Everyone was panicking, like everybody was running, screaming, crying."

    Police arrived on-scene minutes later.  At least four people hospitalized, including two persons of interest.  One handgun recovered, and the Harris County Sheriff's Department says the shooting was likely the result of a fight.

    Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.

    Kathy Rodriguez is a student at the school and had just arrived to her class when the shots rang out.

    LISTEN to Rodriguez's account of what happened:

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    Audio clip:

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The Lone Star College website has posted a statement saying that the campus has been evacuated and will remain closed for the rest of the day.

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