Securing America: Advancing Cyber Security

Cyber security has been described as one of the most-vulnerable points in U.S. security.  The private sector is now joining government officials to curb cyber-terrorism threats.

FOX's Dominic Di-Natale reports in our ongoing series on national security:

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Securing America.

It's the FBI's job leading the defense against cyber-terrorism from foreign states, but private companies want to thwart attacks on their own.

(Kurtz) "If this was the physical world and paratroopers descended over Silicon Valley and, you know, guys repelled down ropes and went in and grabbed computers and ran out, there would be missiles flying."

George Kurtz, the CEO of consulting firm CrowdStrike, says the threat is immense.  They're after intellectual property that makes America competitive: plans for weapons systems or less-lethal products like secret soda recipes.

Experts say it may be time now to isolate America's sensitive systems like Wall Street and our utilities from the general internet.

Dominic Di-Natale, FOX News Radio.