Debate Countdown [VIDEO]

We're counting down to the First Presidential debate. What will Americans see from the candidates?

FOX's Shepard Smith has this preview from Denver, CO:

Audio clip:

Tonight is the night and Denver is the place for the First of three debates between President Obama and the Republican challenger Mitt Romney. What's at stake tonight? Possibly the outcome of the election.

Ben LaBolt with the Obama campaign:

LaBolt: "Millions of Americans tuning in for the first time, who want to hear about the economic choice in this election."

In Governor Romney's corner, Andrea Saul says her candidate has a real challenge tonight.

Saul: "President Obama coming in with the office of the Presidency behind him, is one of the most gifted speakers that we've known. I'm sure it's going to be difficult to outshine him."

It will be a 90 minute debate focusing on the economy and other domestic issues. President Obama won the coin toss and will take the first question, while Governor Romney gets the final word.

At the University of Denver, Shepard Smith, FOX News Radio.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern gives us a behind the scenes VIDEO tour of the media center set up at the University of Denver for journalists to cover tonight's debate: