A former Navy SEAL is now under Pentagon scrutiny over his new book about the raid that killed Usama bin Laden, a book that contradicts some of the details released by White House officials.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports in our ongoing series on national security:

Securing America.

The account by one of the Navy commandos who was there doesn't completely sync-up with what Administration officials have said on the records: That bin Laden was shot after ducking into his bedroom, where the special ops forces feared he was reaching for a weapon.  Instead, the book says bin Laden was first shot in a darkened hallway as SEALs reached the top of the stairs in his Pakistan compound, then shot again after ducking back into the bedroom.

What's more, the book wasn't reviewed in advance by government agencies, so the Pentagon and CIA are now reviewing it - poised for possible legal action if it discloses any classified information.  The author tells AP it does not disclose information that would compromise national security in any way.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on this book about the bin Laden raid HERE:

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