Housecall for Health: Fast Food Going Healthy [VIDEO]

Fast food has long been a staple of the "American diet," but has come under scrutiny as a large contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in the country.  That criticism hasn't fallen on deaf ears, as some of the on-the-go giants are offering newer, healthier options.

Dr. Marc Siegel of the FOX News Medical "A-Team" has more in today's "Housecall for Health":

Audio clip:

When you think fast food, burgers, fries and shakes come to mind. McDonald's and other fast food chains are now claiming an entirely new approach.  Just this summer, McDonald's announced the nationwide launch of a new "Favorites Under 400 Calories" menu.

Critics say calorie-counting isn't America's strongest suit, but McDonald's head chef says, ultimately, the solution isn't the menu - it's up to you and me to eat smart.

Housecall for Health, I'm Dr. Marc Siegel, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the newer, healthier fast food offerings HERE: