Airline Performance Hits a Record High

    Good news if you're planning on flying the friendly skies any time soon: There's no guarantee they'll be friendly, but they are on-time more and losing luggage less than in the past.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony has the latest airline performance results:

    Audio clip:

    Next time you fly, chances are as good as ever you - and your suitcase - will get there on time.  The government reports, in the first half of this year, nearly 84% of domestic flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time - the best performance since data tracking started in 1988 - as airlines use fewer planes.  Better weather is also a key reason - not much snow, and fewer thunderstorms.

    Lost luggage is at a record low.  Fewer than three bags per 1,000 passengers were lost, damaged or delayed.  Improved techonolgy is getting the credit.

    Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.