Securing America: Report Shows Terrorism Down in 2011

A newly-released report says that 2011 was a good year in the War on Terror, and not just because we got bin Laden.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady has details in our ongoing series on national security:

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Securing America.

An annual report on worldwide terrorism finds a 12% decline from the year before, but that still means more than 10,000 attacks in 70 countries last year - more than 12,000 people killed.  The victims, overwhelmingly Muslim.  The majority of terror attacks, happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

The State Department's Counterterrorism Coordinator, Ambassador Dan Benjamin, calls it an extremely significant year - the death of Usama bin Laden, and other key al-Qaeda operatives coupled with the peaceful public demands for change in the Middle East.  A top concern remains the growth of al-Qaeda affiliates, and Iran's support for terrorism.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.