Author, Playwright Gore Vidal Dies

Author, playwright and commentator Gore Vidal died from complications from pneumonia at his home in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday.

FOX News Radio's Bill Vitka reports:

Audio clip:

(Vidal) "I really want to be a politician, but unfortunately I was born a writer."

Gore Vidal was the iconoclastic author of 25 novels. Witty, urbane and acidic. Patrician by birth.

(With Honors) "At Harvard we don't end our sentences with prepositions."

The grandson of a U.S. Senator, an insider who acted the outsider. Vidal was an enemy of what he called the "national security state".

(Vidal) "We are just totally off course. And we don't resemble anything that the founders had in mind."

His legacy belongs to the reading public, from the history of "Lincoln" to the satire of "Myra Breckinridge."

Gore Vidal was 86.

Bill Vitka, FOX News Radio.