Photo Courtesy: Texas Department of Public Safety

The state of Texas has a new fleet coming into service to patrol waterways that are popular with drug traffickers and other illegal border crossers.

FOX's Casey Stegall reports in our ongoing series on national security:

Securing America.

The Texas Department of Public Safety now has a new tool in its arsenal when it comes to fighting the powerful Mexican cartels.  Six new speedboats will be patrolling the waters of the Rio Grande River, a popular waterway for smuggling drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants into this country.

The 34-foot long vessels have 900-horsepower, armed with fully automatic machine guns that can fire up to 900 rounds a minute, and parts of them are bulletproof.  At about $580,000 a piece, the boats were paid for through DPS grants and the Texas legislature.

In Dallas, Casey Stegall, FOX News Radio.