Saudi Women With Olympic Dreams

    Athletes won't be the only ones breaking records at this summer's Olympic Games in London. If women from Saudi Arabia qualify, they'll be making history.

    FOX News Radio's Emily Wither explains from our Middle East Bureau:

    Audio clip:

    (Audio of Saudi Women playing Soccer)

    Women participating in sports in public is fiercely opposed by many religious conservatives in Saudi Arabia - with a total ban in girls state schools. But the Islamic Kingdom could be changing its tune; announcing it will enter women athletes in the Olympics for the first time ever this summer.

    Human rights groups had been calling for the country to be banned over its polices. This latest development is a huge step for women. King Abdullah has long been pushing for them to play a more active role in society. But, they'll still need to be driven to practice; Saudi Arabia bans women from driving, and they need male permission to work, travel, or open a bank account.

    In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, Fox News Radio.