NC 3rd Grader Strip Searched at School

    A North Carolina elementary school student and his family are speaking out after the boy was strip searched at school over $20 he didn't even have.

    FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig reports:

    Audio clip:

    Photo Courtesy: WRAL

    When students at Clinton's Union Elementary accused 10 year-old Justin Cox of taking $20 a classmate had dropped at lunch, he was taken into an office and told to remove everything but his t-shirt and boxer shorts.

    (Justin Cox) "She didn't ask me if she could.  She told me, she said, 'Now I have to strip search you.'"

    The 3rd grader's mom, Clarinda, says Assistant Principal Teresa Holmes' search was "excessively intrusive."

    (Clarinda Cox) "She came up to him, and rubbed her fingers around inside of his underwear."

    The school district says Holmes was within her legal rights, and did have a male witness present.  But Clarinda Cox says if they had called, she would've come down herself.

    (Clarinda Cox) "If I felt he needed to be searched, I would have searched my son."

    The $20 was found under a cafeteria table.

    Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

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